Bathing Water Locations and Complaince Data

The Environmental Protection Agency manage the National Bathing Water Information website for identified bathing waters around Ireland, Splash.

In 2023 a total of 148 bathing waters were identified by 18 local authorities. These identified bathing waters are monitored, managed, assessed and reported under the requirements of the 2008 Bathing Water Quality Regulations.

Bathing waters are sampled on a regular basis by the relevant local authorities from the end of May to mid-September to assess the microbiological quality of the water and to minimise any public health risk.

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What is in the download?

Files are presented as a zipped ESRI Shapefile and an excel spread-sheet.

  • • BATH_BathingLocations.shp

The BATH_BathingLocations.shp is an ESRI Shapefile of (point data). This dataset contain 148 Identified bathing waters across Ireland. The Identified waters name, code and responsible Local Authoriy is given within the dataset.

The BATH_ComplainceData excel spreadsheet includes the compliance od each Identified bathing water.

To maximise the benefit of both datasets you could join BATH_ComplianceData.xls to BATH_BathingLocations.shp based on the 'IDBW' field.

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