Ireland's Pollution Release and Transfer Register (PRTR) is an emission register that fullfills the requirements of the Aarhus Convention, allowing access to information about environmental emissions and transfers.

The register provides a publicly accessible and searchable database which members of the public can use to search for Irish installations which are releasing External link PRTR pollutants in excess of specific thresholds or making off-site transfers of waste above specified thresholds for non-hazardous and hazardous wastes.

If a facility has emissions or waste transfers above the relevant thresholds, information is provided to Europe concerning the amount of pollutant releases to air, water and waste water as well as off-site transfers of waste.

Only information reported to Europe (E-PRTR) is displayed on this register. Information that is not reportable to Europe is displayed as “below reporting threshold” (BRT) in the facility details.

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What is in the download?

Files are presented as zipped 13 ESRI Shapefiles and Metadata (.csv)

  • • LicencedFacilities_2007Pollutants.shp;
  • • LicencedFacilities_2008Pollutants.shp
  • • LicencedFacilities_2009Pollutants.shp
  • • LicencedFacilities_2010Pollutants.shp
  • • LicencedFacilities_2011Pollutants.shp
  • • LicencedFacilities_2012Pollutants.shp
  • • LicencedFacilities_2013Pollutants.shp
  • • LicencedFacilities_2014Pollutants.shp
  • • LicencedFacilities_2015Pollutants.shp
  • • LicencedFacilities_2016Pollutants.shp
  • • LicencedFacilities_2017Pollutants.shp
  • • LicencedFacilities_2018Pollutants.shp
  • • LicencedFacilities_2019Pollutants.shp
  • • Metadata_PRTRFacilities.csv
  • • FullFieldNames_PRTRFacilities.xlsx

Files are presented as zipped spatial datasets in a geodatabase (.gdb) and Metadata (.csv)

The 'LicencedFacilities_Pollutants' series of shapefiles are ESRI Shapefiles of (point data). This dataset contains the number of registered PRTR Facilities by year since 2007 to 2019.

The data includes Reg Number, PRTR Facility Name, SubCategory, Category, Active Licence Code, Parent Company, Address, Licence Status, Sector Code, Sector Name and Return Year.