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Licenced IPPC and Waste Facilities

Latest release of EPA Licenced IPPC and Waste Facilties available for download from Get Data.

PRTR Facilities - 2012 and 2013 Data

PRTR Facilities 2007-2013 datasets now available for download from Get Data.

See this data live on the PRTR Search and Map site.

GeoPortal Help Videos

Have you seen the latest Help Videos for the GeoPortal? Just a click away.

Launch of CORINE 2012

CORINE 2012, Revised CORINE 2006 and CORINE Landcover Change 2006-2012 datasets now available for download from Get Data.

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I’d like to get some data from the EPA – how can I get it?

You can download GIS right now from the Get data page, using the EPA Database option and selecting the data you require.

If you want to browse the data on a map first, click on the Map link and browse our WebGIS – data can be directly downloaded from here.

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How can I access GIS data of rivers and lakes?

The EPA worked with the Ordnance Survey to create 1:50,000 scale GIS data of Ireland’s rivers and lakes. If you want to see this data but don’t have GIS software, click on the Map link and check the Water Features layers.

If you have an OSI licence, Contacts Us to request the full version, providing us with your OSI license number. If you don’t have an OSI license, you can avail of a generalised version of this GIS data – Contact Us to request this.

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Compatibility with Web Browsers

This Geoportal works with the following browser versions: Internet Explorer 8+; Firefox 3.5+; Chrome; Opera; Safari 3+. EPA MAPS (Envision) can be used with IE 8 but there are some small limitations in the display when these versions are used. These browser versions were selected by looking at what the highest web browser usage types are on Envision and the Geoportal before we upgraded this website last September. We got this usage information from our Google Analytics reports. While we regret that some users may be on older versions of these browsers and so experience some problems we suggest that upgrading or installing a second browser will enable you to use the Geoportal.

tips & tricks

I have some queries about this GeoPortal – where can I get answers?

Try our FAQ section, which contains answers to the most common questions about EPA GIS web tools and data. More detail about some of our specialised GIS data can be found under our Learn About Data. If you still haven’t found the answer you are looking for, Contact Us and the GIS team will respond to you as soon as possible.

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